More Containers

There is a trend developing.  More containers:  these are fabric ones, painted, stitched into shape and waxed for stability.  They are displayed inside a wire shape.  The wire represents the fences and boundaries I find endlessly fascinating and the containers are all about the space defined within.

These are part of the Gathered Memories exhibition at the National Needlework Archive near Newbury from Saturday 1 Feb to Friday 14 March.

Hidden History:  Fences

Hidden History: Fences



About Consuelo Simpson

artist and maker working with metal, found objects, yarn and wire
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2 Responses to More Containers

  1. Celia says:

    Nice! Reminds me of your white bags. We hope to get up to Greenham to have another look.


    • You won’t be surprised to hear the prototypes were white – didn’t work with the wire, so out came the paint. These are much smaller than the white bags, less than 20cms high. Not sure where all this 3D is going, but having fun along the way!


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