New Year, New Work

I was delighted at the end of last year to be invited to join Studio 21, a dynamic and forward looking group of textile artists.

The group has been working on a project based on cannibalized sewing machines. The new members were kindly provided with a couple of retired machines to dismantle and play with.   The aim is to produce a small piece before the next monthly session from which further work will emerge.

It has been an interesting exercise, not least from an intellectual point of view. My practice is firmly based on the environment in which I live and the materials and construction methods I use are relevant to my subject matter. It has been thought-provoking to work with sewing machine parts to which I have no emotional connection.


While my hands have been busy wrapping, joining and playing with wire and small but beautifully engineered machine parts, my thoughts have wandered freely, seeking connections and parallels with my more usual working ways. Working with wire often involves wishing for an extra pair of hands!



About Consuelo Simpson

artist and maker working with metal, found objects, yarn and wire
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4 Responses to New Year, New Work

  1. Looks like an interesting project and I’m sure it will be a useful exercise in getting the creative juices flowing to be taken out of your comfort zone. Good luck with this and I look forward to seeing where it takes you.


  2. i will be interested to see the results!


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