How others see your work

I was delighted to find that a small piece of my work is on show at the Oxmarket Gallery, Chichester as part of an exhibition showing a selection of work from BA & MA students from the University of Chichester. Last day today, hurry if you would like to see it.

It’s a small wire piece, based on a square grid.  It would be interesting to know how and why it ended up hanging on its side.  Did it seem very obvious to someone that this was how it should look?  It looks no worse for its unexpected orientation, though it made me feel a little seasick.

Wire and yarn grid

Wire and yarn grid

I had a crit yesterday from tutors at Chichester. I have been trying to work a little larger and a little less neatly than I find entirely comfortable, all in the name of learning and trying new ways of working.  I wasn’t prepared to hear that what came out of my work was chaos.  Is my shell of cool, calm and control (in my dreams) shattered?

Wall of Chaos

Wall of Chaos

About Consuelo Simpson

artist and maker working with metal, found objects, yarn and wire
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  1. Lol! your wall of chaos looks beautifully organised to me 🙂

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